Tips to Manage Early Morning Sessions

How rude.

Waking to an alarm for the first time in 3 months today was quite a shock to the system!

We will spare you the fake pump up – we aren’t jumping out of bed and high fiving each other.

But we silently support ourselves (and in turn, each other) in making mornings manageable – we have been rising well before the sun for well over a decade, and have this down pat!

Our tips for getting up and getting on with it are simple – but effective!

1. It all starts with the night before. Organise everything you need for the morning and have it laid out so that you can move on auto pilot when you get out of bed. Set your alarm and COMMIT to rolling over and getting up as soon as your alarm wakes you

2. DO NOT PRESS SNOOZE. Ever again. One of us will inevitably mutter to each other “lets do it” and we swing our feet to the floor and get up. Just like that. There is no magic to it. Just following through and actioning our intentions.

3. Coffee. Black. Strong. As soon as possible. If you aren’t a coffee drinker, bless your adrenals and your self starting way of life. For us – coffee comes before ANYTHING else in the morning.

4. Get changed and brush your teeth and while its cold, layer up. Dark and early mornings are made worse when they are cold too! Beanies and jackets and whatever else you can throw on to keep you warm as you step outside will help!

5. Music & personal mantras. We use the time we drive to the gym to really anchor into the mindset we know will best serve us throughout the day. Music lifts our spirit and personal mantras align us to who we are committed to knowing ourselves as.

All in all – the first 20 minutes of the day can be a positive, powerful experience when you choose to let it be!