Unleash The Fighter Within


A lot of people talk about wanting to become fighters – and then do nothing about it. We see this a lot in the fitness industry, but it doesn’t end there. I see it every day in so many different ways. People talk wanting to run a 10km fun run, but then don’t actually get up and get moving, people talk about wanting to buy property, but they don’t change any of their current spending habits, people want a more meaningful relationship – but are still swiping in the same places that continues to let them down.


The people I respect most are people that do what they say they are going to do.


What goals do you have for yourself? What progress have you made this year? This month? This week? What have you done TODAY to action your intentions?


No matter what your goals is –

most of us know exactly what we need to do – but we spend more time making excuses and talking ourselves out of it than we do actually getting off our asses and actioning our intentions.



Heres the big secret to actually getting things done. Stop expecting it to be so easy. There are some behaviours that you can learn and automate, they become second nature – but for the most part, most of the things you have to do to drive you away from complacency and towards progress will take work. You will HAVE to PUSH yourself to get up and get moving.


Today, if you are someone wanting to be able to call yourself a fighter – you have hit a gold mine, because Steve is going to give you all the information that you need to make that happen.


But before we do that, I think its important for people to know that there has to be a time to stop playing it safe by researching and gathering information – because really, I doubt that we can ever truly have all the information we need, and we probably don’t need it. Being well informed is important to an extent – but its what we actually DO that really counts. Its what we DO that will make things happen in your life, not what you know.


And sometimes, even when people have all the information they need – they stand in their own way. They say things like’Im just not in the right headspace at the moment’, ‘Ive got too much going on’, ‘I just cant get motivated’.

Motivation is such a bullshit word. It’s a feeling.


Anyone that has been successful in any way has not fulfilled their potentialby waiting until they ‘felt’ like doing something. The two things that people that get shit done have in common is they attack their goals with commitment and consistency.
Don’t get me wrong, you need to spend a good amount of time getting to know yourself so that you can clearly articulate what matters to you and what you want for yourself. But here is why. You need to make your values so crystal clear that in those moments that require you to take action – you are able to disregard your feelings and do what needs to be done to make progress. This applies to every and any area of your life where you are trying to generate change.


Even when you are feeling lazy – you get yourself to the gym. Even when you are annoyed with your kids, you choose to speak to them with kindness.


You actually don’t have to let your feelings dictate your actions.


Here is the thing – we have a habit of minimizing our own power. We sabotage our best efforts. The alarm clock in the morning is the easiest example of this – everyone can relate to it. People tell themselves they are going to get up at a certain time – they make the promise to themselves that they will get up and get moving when it goes off – but what happens? As soon as it goes off in the morning, our mind takes over and we start literally convincing ourselves to go against what we know is in our best interest. There is a lot of research behind this that explains the neurological patterns that lead to these negative habits.


You can spend time and effort researching why you do the things you do – or you can just choose to get out of your own way and action your intentions. Start with not pressing snooze. Its as simple as that. Take yourself seriously. Rebuild respect for yourself. Action your intentions – because nobody else is going to do it for you.


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MOXON WEIGHS IN PODCAST : EPISODE 6 – Unleash the Fighter Within