Upper Body Workout: Summer Singlet Special!

We hear you – energy, vitality, clarity are all great & MASSIVE perks of regular exercise….BUT WHAT DO I DO TO FEEL CONFIDENT IN A SINGLET BY SUMMER!?

Let’s address the usual : eat well, drink water, move regularly, get more sleep. The unsexy obligatory things we need to consistently do in order to see change and maintain the progress we have made. You hear them all the time, right? Well – LISTEN! You wont make progress without a solid base that includes those four things mentioned above!

Ok, now that we have got that out of the way – we will go right ahead and assume you have that down pat.

But seriously -if you don’t – start there! There is no point in trying to fast forward to results. If you do that you are guaranteed to face an uphill battle…and no one likes going uphill! Ouch!

Ok – here is our tried and tested, go to, back pocket workout for our upper body.


Why do we love it ? It’s effective and efficient.

You don’t need a lot of equipment and you don’t need a lot of space!

Weight training requires consistency. If you do this session once – guess what? Nothing will happen. You might get sore if you haven’t worked out since last summer!

If you do this twice a week for the next three months – you are likely to be far more confident in your summer singlets (and probably a little stronger too!)

Do 10-12 reps of each movement. 4 Rounds. Rest 60-90 seconds between each set.

Unless like me – you cant help but turn most things into a conditioning workout… then feel free to reduce the rest time and build up a sweat in no time! Move fast – but still focus on engaging your muscles!

Happy Lifting !

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