I have created this Virtual Fight Camp for anyone, anywhere that feels like 2020 has knocked them down.  

No fighting experience needed 
No boxing experience needed

2020 has fired up the fighter in me.


When your back is up against the ropes in the ring, or in life – you have a choice to make.


Do I drop my hands and take whatever comes or do I bite down on my mouth guard and make the choice to fight back?

We have all taken more hits than any of us could have imagined, & here we all are – still standing.


No matter what 2020 has done to you – you have it in you to fight back.


A fighters spirit cannot be denied.


It cannot be silenced.


It can not be ignored.


I believe that every person deserves the chance to learn from their experiences, reflect, grow and then step up into who they should have always been.

Fight for the energy and confidence to get up off the couch & back into motion.


Fight to build momentum & charge towards the new year feeling like you are pound for pound the best damn version of yourself.


This year has given me the body rip I needed to be able to reflect on who I believed I was, and how I was showing up in the world.


Self reflection is challenging. It is not always easy to take full accountability for everything in your life.


As a fighter, I know the easy way is never really an option.


So I have persevered with self reflection and today stand strong in who I know I am. I am a man of passion, perseverance and courage. I have spent 2020 focusing on my family, my business and my community and have dedicated my time and energy to exploring the ways in which I can best serve them.


Now its your turn.


Time is precious. The weight of our responsibilities is heavy.


That’s why I have created this 21 Day Virtual Fight Camp.


It will eliminate the time it would take you to sit down and come up with effective workouts & it takes the pressure off you from having to worry about whether you are making the most of the time you have carved out of your day to train.

How does it work? 

I will send you a VIRTUAL FIGHT CAMP Manual & you will download it and follow along for 21 days in your own time, at home STARTING ON OCTOBER 1st. 

-Home Workout Guide + Instructional Videos for 21 Days
-Access to 6 LIVE Virtual Group Boxing Sessions with Stone Cold Steve Moxon
-Nutrition Guide including my own Low Carb Meal Plan

-Daily Fighters Mind Prompts to keep you Motivated 

I’ll be online sharing my experience over the 21 days – we will keep tabs on each other and keep motivation high. 


Your job is to commit & show up – every day for 21 days starting October 1st.

Fight Camp is about making every day count. Putting words into action. Following through and doing the things you know you need to do. There is no time to procrastinate. There is no time to baby yourself with excuses. Its time to put in work.


No two days will be the same. Some days you will feel like you have smashed it & other days you will wonder if you have it in you to keep going.

You will keep going. That is what fighters do. 

2020 has been tough – that’s for sure. 
But you are tougher. 

I hope you are ready to step into fight camp with me,




Stone Cold Steve Moxon