Want to be more powerful? 🔥


In this context – power is the rate as which we perform work. It’s a combination of force & how quickly we can move something in a given direction.

Kind of makes us wish we had of paid more attention in year 9 science 🤓🤪

We will spare you the science lesson today and just fill you in on what you need to know – the simplest way to generate more power is to train strength.

It’s that simple. Get stronger and you’ll be able to lift the same amount of weight faster.

Why do we care about power? Well it has huge implications for sports performance and so if you want to punch harder, run faster, jump higher, throw further – it matters.

Want to test out your power today?? It’s kind of fun and often a huge motivating factor to get yourself back to the gym. You can measure your vertical jump pretty easily – and it will give you a rough estimate of your peak power output by doing some simple maths.

Keen to try it out?? You can find the Sargent Jump Test and calculator online – we like the simplicity and diagrams here : brianmac.co.uk/sgtjump.htm

We love this as a simple way to measure your progress – and have a bit of fun with it too 👊🏼👊🏼👊🏼