The ONE THING I mastered to WIN the weight loss battle

Most people that we meet, greet us with complete bullshit. When someone is coming into a gym for the first time in a long time – we know the truth about how they really feel. Stuck. Overwhelmed. Doubtful. Frustrated. Lethargic.

They don’t tell us that though. They politely smile and usually – they don’t say much at all. But we know what they are thinking. And that’s cool. So if you are wanting to kickstart your health and fitness, or its been awhile since you have trained –  I want you to know one thing – its completely normal to not be all that excited about starting again. Its completely normal to feel like you are dragging yourself into your first session.

We know this. We see it. We feel it. We have been there before too. We rise to the responsibility of making sure that you are re energised. Its your job to get through the door – and its our job to create an experience that will uplift and motivate you.

Getting started is simple – but its not always easy. You have to overcome the laziness, excuses and poor habits that derailed you to begin with.

It can feel really bloody challenging to get moving. But that’s not a bad thing! Challenging yourself is actually a really powerful force that can create massive change if you go with it.

When we do the things that are easy – the results might come quickly, but they disappear just as quickly too.

Let’s use weight lifting as an analogy. You could lift a 1kg weight easily, right? You could lift it again and again because it’s not very challenging – but that wouldn’t produce much of a result. Heavier weights are far more challenging, but they make you stronger. Our muscles have to be broken down, torn apart, challenged again and again so that they can be rebuilt – stronger than ever before.

This is the way you have to think about your approach to movement and the transformation of your body and your mind. It would be easy to just commit to an 8 week program. Your mind will take comfort in knowing that in 8 weeks time it can revert back to the same old bullshit. Your body will be pushed, manipulated and depleted to attain a quick result. What happens after that short burst of movement and fabricated dedication? You take a backward slide.

It is possible to learn to incorporate things into your life that will generate long lasting change. It is possible to learn ways to actually create a healthy lifestyle – rather than just following the crowd and mimicking others.

You just need to spend less time calculating how much weight you need to lose day by day and allow yourself to wake up to potential and awareness of who you can be, not just what you think you need to weigh.

Isn’t it time that you start living your own life on your own terms? Isnt it time you start deciding what a healthy, happy life means for you? Rather than setting a weight loss goal – I urge you to sit down and think about what you would have to learn in order to live and evolve at the highest level.

Could you get excited about adding value to your life? When most people decide its time to take a stocktake of their health and fitness they very quickly compile a list of things that they are going to restrict. They come up with foods they will avoid all together. And that’s about it.

Instead, get curious about the ways that you could add value to your life, now. What could you do to claim happiness right now? Not when you see a certain number on a scale – what would it take to live your life in colour, right now?

Too many people live life in black and white. It’s all or nothing. They are on or off. On the bandwagon or off. Healthy or living a YOLO life. Committed or completely reckless. It’s black and white.

What if you decided to stop that.

What if you decided to live life in colour. To wake up and experience what it is like to live your own life by design?

There are many things that I have mastered that allow me to be completely connected to who I am and proud of the way I treat myself. I am going to share with you the one thing that I believe sets me apart from most people. This is the one reason that I have been able to consistently get up and move for over a decade. This is the reason I have been able to build a body that I am proud of. A body that can out work, out run, out lift and out perform most people I come across. A body that has birthed a beautiful baby and is loved endlessly by my partner. A body that I love.


If you can master this – you wont ever have to feel like you are ‘starting again’ ever again.

I have let go of fixed goals when it comes to my body. I am an extremely driven person with a clear vision for the life that I am building. When it comes to my businesses and my finances – I have set very specific, measurable goals. However, my body does not require the same level of scrutiny. My body does not need to be endlessly judged, critiqued and measured. I decided that I was going to treat my body with love and respect. I would cater to its needs and show it kindness and empathy. Movement and nutrition that serves my body well is a given. I exercise every single day because I know logically that a strong body is created through consistent exercise. I know that I function at a much higher level in every area of my life when I feel energised and exercise is the catalyst for that. I could very easily turn into a couch potato. But self love actually requires me to invest time and energy into making sure that I am giving to my body, not neglecting it.
I eat to feel good. Most of the time that means making conscious decisions about what my body needs. A lot of the time that also means recognising urges and cravings and allowing myself to meet those needs too. I believe in having a long game. Long term health and long term confidence in my body is what I am playing for. So I don’t have to be rigid. I don’t have to push myself for instant results or dramatic transformations.

Each day I am able to ask myself – what do I need today? What would be best for me today? And then I do what I know to be right for me.

So spend less time setting outrageous goals outside of yourself and more time connecting with what would be best for you. Once you start acting out of self love, you will make better choices for yourself. Your long game will be played. You wont be participating in the toxic cycle of yo yo dieting and on again off again living.

This isn’t what most people want to hear. Most people want a specific set of steps to follow. A path to walk to lead them to guaranteed results. I could give you a nutrition plan. I could give you a training plan. Or I could actually gift you with what you really do need to hear.

You are the answer to the questions you have. You are the missing link. Whether you ever decide to treat your body with the love and respect it deserves by leading a healthy lifestyle – is up to you. You could make that decision in an instant.

That doesn’t mean you have to overhaul your whole life in that same moment.

Just decide that from this moment – when possible, you are going to start making decisions that add value to your life. You are going to do things that contribute to who you are. You are going to start living like it matters.

Because Ive said it before and I will say it a million times more.

You matter.

So – what could you do today to show yourself that you believe that to be true?

Pick one thing. One small gesture to yourself.

What could you do to show yourself that you really do matter?

Don’t promise yourself that you are going to ‘stop doing something’.

Decide you are going to ADD value by doing something.

Its time to stop punishing yourself and time to start loving yourself.

What could you do for yourself today that your past self needed and your future self with thank you for?  

Do it now.