Why we wont do freebies #sorrynotsorry

It’s true – we don’t offer a free trial here at The Training Room Geelong. Here is our number one reason why ✨✨✨

Our community takes a holistic approach to health and fitness. We believe that mental wellbeing is the foundation for all that we do and together we are committed to creating and maintaining a space that is safe for people to open up about their vulnerabilities and work on being the best possible version of themselves.

Fitness is not about performance to us – its about prioritising collaboration, transparency, expression and participation.

We each bring the values, beliefs, experiences that we have collected throughout our lives and show up ready to best support each other in being happier and healthier every day.

So is it any surprise we feel a little protective about our community? We are interested in making impact – not herding people through our doors.

Our experience has been that the majority of people that take up a free trial will be less likely to invest their time and energy into the people around them.

Beyond that – lets get real.. people dont really care until they have to pay.

Investing in a single session casual pass for just $18 is a great way to see whether The Training Room Geelong is the right environment for you.

We open our arms to anyone that is looking for a positive environment, high quality exercise programming and connection and collaboration with a supportive community.

This month we have 10 POWER PACKS on offer. This gives you 10 sessions for just $150 – great value and a GREAT way to truly explore whether you can see yourself making progress with us.

10 sessions will give you the opportunity to try all of our group sessions, meet our coaches, connect with our members and work out which session times suit you best.

Get in touch with us so we can chat about your current health and fitness goals and claim one of the 10 power packs we are selling!