Wrap Up and Box on!

Read on as WKF middle weight World Champ and TTR’s own- Stone Cold Steve Moxon explains why it is crucial that you take the time to wrap your hands before you step up to a bag, hit mitts or take on an opponent. First and foremost, the number one reason to correctly wrap your hands during Boxing and Kickboxing training is because it is important for YOUR own safety.

Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned professional, knowing how to correctly wrap your hands before you hit the mitts or the bags is a must for all. Think about  it – your hands are in constant use  when using them to hit the pads, heavy bags or other people. As you get better in your Boxing and Kickboxing techniques, you’ll start to notice your punching power and physical endurance increases more and more every day.  When you wrap up your hands you’re attempting to protect your knuckles, wrist, and fingers in each session, so that you remain injury free and can keep training hard. When you choose not to wrap your hands, if you throw a bad punch or hit the heavy bag or Thai pads at a weird angle you could seriously hurt your hand. Trust me, it has happened to me, many times and is something I try and avoid.

Wrapping your hands for your Boxing and Kickboxing classes ensures your hands and wrists are getting extra support. I make sure I always take the time to wrap my hands before training, and believe it has meant I have avoided many potential injuries. At The Training Room Geelong, we teach our passion – and this includes learning how to train safely and effectively. We encourage our members to arrive to class 10 minutes early and speak to our coaches Steve or Leah to be shown how to best wrap your hands. It takes many times of being shown to get it right. But once you get it, you will never forget – and never regret it! *The Training Room Geelong sells hand wraps, as well as all other necessary gear to support your health and fitness goals. Please speak with our staff for more information.