Working Parent Juggling Act

Guilty. Failing. Lonely. Stressed. All answers that are wayyyy more insightful than the “yeah good” response we are used to giving each other when someone asks how the week has been going.

Working parenthood was hard enough before Covid-19 — but now its as if we are all trying to make up for lost time & at the same time trying to reimagine how we live our lives because we are supposed to have learned something from the shit storm that was 2020.


We see you. We understand the struggle. We appreciate that your time is stretched and we know you have a hard time taking time for yourself.

Working parenthood makes you feel like there is 100 other things you should be doing before taking time to go to the gym, right?


Let this be your gentle reminder (and maybe the permission slip you were waiting for) that working parents can feel more confident, connected, and in control simply by investing time and energy into moving their body and taking care of their well being.

The to do list will always be there – having the energy to come at it & feeling good about yourself and within yourself will help. wont help deal with the pile of clean clothes that needs folding and it wont remember to confirm that yes, we will be doing term 2 swimming lessons …


But it will support you in being the driving force behind it all.

You are not alone in feeling overwhelmed – even on the day when there is a lot that you are responsible for, remember you are worthy of being on that list too.

You matter.

We get it – and if you would like to give group boxing sessions a go & think getting a quick workout in with a group of people ready to offer you uplifting and supportive energy would make a difference in how you feel within yourself this week, reach out and send us a message.

We would be happy to answer all of your questions and help you make this the week you decided to put yourself back on your list of priorities.